A stream of conscious on staying focused on goals that shift

Hi, it’s me again. Took a long time to get back into writing here, but, as many of you understand, life has a way of drifting you into other paths.

Towards the end of March/start of April, I took a flight back to New York City.

Get ready: things are about to get personal.

Well, I was originally in NYC in 2018, but then I figured I should go on my Israel Birthright trip. That turned out to be set for last August, the exact month my lease was up. Plus the exact time that my temporary museum job closed down.

After my trip abroad, I decided to take a few months off to refresh and save money by staying at my Dad’s in Texas.

After LASIK surgery and a few months working at a retail chain, I was ready to head back into it. Hmm, maybe I should let you know why I was in NYC in the first place.

So, here’s the deal. I am stuck between my interest in the writing industry and the acting industry. I went to New York from Florida because of my dream of becoming a working actor.

Not a famous actor with servants and an arrogant attitude, but a middle class actor that works with talented performers and directors… And makes a good living, but can still keep his privacy and a sense of humility.

This is still a goal I am pursuing, though it’s starting to veer more into the realm of improv/sketch.

I’ve also got this part of me that’s really into writing. That can be non-fiction articles like the content you see on this blog. Or it can be short stories, plays, novels, etc.

I never took it too seriously as a way to support myself until earlier in January of this year. After reading and researching about what it takes to grow a writing career, I decided to set up this blog, as well as actively search for freelance jobs.

The second goal of my career was to earn a living on my writing skills. Freelance, of course, because I value my autonomy. I took it upon myself to write a post as often as I could, about whatever topic I felt like discussing.

This led to an internship that fell apart within a couple months due to poor leadership. But it also led to a freelance writing job I currently have working for a Youtube channel.

It pays more than you would expect, but not enough to fully pay the bills… Unless that retail position I transferred to NYC goes away. That way I could dedicate more time to the channel.

After all, retail is probably one of the most soul-sucking, depressing jobs out there in America. Besides coal mining.

Meanwhile I only picked up a total of two acting gigs during this time. The good news is I returned to a great theatre company that provides creativity, expression, and freedom.

The bad news is that all of these things have distracted me from applying to acting notices. At the same time, I’m not too bothered by that if I’m utilizing my writing skills to grow my portfolio and experience.

I love both, after all. And one things that I’ve noticed is that I enjoy improv and sketch a hell of a lot more than dark, gritty short films that don’t pay me.

I’ve even been thinking about taking classes at UCB or the PIT, the two biggest institutions in NY for improv.

So it’s a tough thing to balance, but it’s also caused me to stop posting here on the blog.

Which is a bad thing.

It’s not only good for a writer’s career to regularly post, but it’s a great opportunity to get things off your chest, and focus on sharing ideas that you’re passionate about.

The reason for posting this is that it’s time to get back into making articles again! I can’t promise that it will be more frequent than I was in January.

All I know is, there is PLENTY to talk about right now in the world. I can’t wait to jump back into it!

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